Friday, July 01, 2005

Love your Library license plates

One of the metalibrarians at the OCLC Information Center kindly sent this hunk of fun stuff yesterday. I guess our advocacy message is reaching presidents, provosts, mayors, city councilpeople...and DMV employees.

Here's the clip from Birdie at

You've gotta love the DMV now that they've issued a sentimental "Love Your Library" license plate. The plate, which features a design consisting of various library resources to the left of the plate number and includes the words "READ - LEARN - EXPLORE," is available to anyone who has a passenger or commercial vehicle registered in New York State (and who can afford an additional $43 over the cost of a regular plate). Here's the press release from Empire Information Services.
The new license plate gives New Yorkers the chance to show their support for libraries by helping to subsidize summer reading programs.

Good stuff.
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Anonymous said...

I would love to contribute $43 to libraries in Massachusetts if only the MA DMV would consider making them available. The Utne article warned me to go see our recently updated main library in Brookline to see how they are fulfilling their mission.