Sunday, July 10, 2005

New Dog is My Excuse

Just because Alice and George are off shouldn't mean nothing happens here, but I am confessing that I hardly ever fire up the work laptop on the weekend (and a choice I find hard to stick to sometimes) and although IAG exists anywhere I am connected, because it's not my personal blog I deliberately don't do much blogging off times (although I had a weird work dream last night and woke up with this phrase in my head, "cost of sale").

My husband and I have two dogs and I got it in my head that we needed a third. Our older dog is somewhere between 8 and 10 and she's big so likely won't get to be a 20 year old dog. She's a rescue border collie/whatever and smarter than many people I know so I wanted her to train any new dogs we got. Our second dog was a pound dog and is a 3 year old mutt with a sweeter disposition than anybody I know.

Cruising around the web looking at dogs that need new homes is dangerous...I know this because yesterday we introduced the 3rd dog to the household (4 cats, 45 fish). Photo is dog 1 (left) and dog 3 (right).

So, there you go. A post that has nothing at all to do with libraries, environmental scans, content consumption habits...nada. Not even any links. This is my real life.


Lorena said...

We have two border collie mixes (every mutt on the Palouse has some border collie in her!) and they are the best dogs! Smart, loving, and totally interested in the world around them. They are also organized in their own way - if dogs were librarians, my Heidi would be a cataloger! Congrats on your new addition!

lislemck said...

My 15-year old shepherd-beagle (?) mutt is the best circulation supervisor on the planet. Nothing and no one comes in or goes out without full inspection; and while on premises is closely guarded.

People always talk about librarians and cats, but I think dogs maybe more suited as library icons--can we get our own shopping bag? Not that I don't like Scottish Folds...

Isn't everything related to libraries, somehow? Or is that inside-out thinking?

Alane said...

Lorena and Lisle, you are funny...made me think what sort of librarians my dogs would be.

Dog 1 would definitely be a reference librarian in a public library. She loves people and she's great at synthesizing and parsing important info out of long sentences.

Dog 3 would be the cataloger as he's not overly gregarious and likes to organize not only his toys but everyone elses too.

Dog 3 wouldn't be a librarian. He'd be selling cars.