Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Are You a Librarian?

Over on PUBLIB, there has been a discussion of a quiz called, "Are You a Librarian?" After more than three decades in the profession, I scored a 72%, good enough for their ranking of "Assistant Librarian." I quote from my results:

"You seem to be a librarian, but you are not as knowledgeable as your more devoted colleagues in some of the library lore, trivia, technical details and social knowledge that can give depth and perspective to ones professional identity; but your practical knowledge of your job may be quite excellent."

On the other hand, I outscored 99% of the other quiz takers of my age and gender.

One drawback is that you don't find out which questions you answered wrong. Otherwise, this is a fun way to waste fifteen minutes or so. Twenty, if you blog about it afterwards!


Alice said...

Ha ha ha, I am an "Aspiring Librarian," scoring 55% on knowledge of librarianship. (Which is to say, an MLS is still worth something, on-the-job training of librarian-ese can only get you so far...
But here's the kicker:
I scored higher than 90% of people my age and gender on knowledge! So I guess that is in relation to the whole world of librarians and nonlibrarians (or "aspiring," as the case may be!)

Speaking of aspiring, read the bio of the new Library Journal's Librarian of the year, Rivkah Sass. Sounds like she rocks!

George said...

Rivkah definitely rocks. I have known her since my days at Public Library Association, and she is a terrific library leader and a wonderful human being.

acsl8r said...

I also scored a 55% overall, but did 78% better than others my age and gender. I'm in Canada and know very little about American library history and the ALA. A lot of questions in the quiz seem to be about these things. That being said if they had a quiz asking about the CLA I wouldn't do any better. It was still fun to do and maybe one day when I finish my library degree I will do better. If not, I don't think it will bother me, because knowing most of the answers to those questions aren't goign to help you put a book in a patron's hand.


Eric said...

Aha, I too got the rank of "Assistant Librarian" but with a score of 75%. Still, it's better - if but by a hair (pun intended) - than George's score. Sooo I think George will be buying me a drink in San Antonio. And we'll both be buying Alice drinks and trying to talk her into going to library school. Alane, your turn...

Michael A. Golrick said...

Well George and I are in the same demographic...I don't know whether I did mine first or not, but being an insider helps. I got "Head Librarian You scored 86% on knowledge of librarianship.

No pun intended. You know your stuff! Not only do you know the basics, but you know your library history, your who's who, your politics, and your technicalities. You are a true-blue librarian."

I also "scored higher than 99% on knowledge," etc. I just wonder who else is in the demographic with George and me.

BTW I love my "Blogperson" wrist band!