Friday, January 27, 2006

Living the Future 6

Marda Johnson, late of the OCLC staff and currently the Team Leader for the Technical Services and Archival Processing Team at the University of Arizona Library, brought my attention to a conference that looks like it will be very interesting. Living the Future 6 is, according to its web site, "a conference for collaborative thinking about the future. ... Participants will hear from those directly involved in planning, challenging, and living the future --- nationally known experts and creative thinkers as well as working library staff who are experimenting and innovating. The conference combines excellent weather, a celebratory, low cost venue, and a group of lively participants as the container for imaginative thinking. Join the conversations! Let us hear your voice!"

The schedule features a number of fascinating topics (including one of my favorites, disruptive technology and the library), and the closing keynote speaker is John Perry Barlow.

Combine that kind of a line up with the weather in Arizona in April, and this looks like a winner. Thanks for the tip, Marda!

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