Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Funny--I was just composing a post when Alane published hers.
Yes friends, today is the day when we celebrate the fact that my parents were brave enough to risk the great unknown, ["a 2nd child! How can the second ever live up to the wonderful-ness of the first?"] and that I have lived to tell the tale thus far. Birthdays are so fun. Too bad American culture does not also celebrate Name Days, like they do other places.

Had planned to give you a morsel of the Perceptions report that has stuck in my craw over the holidays...perhaps it will stick in yours, too, and together we can figure out what to make of it. It lines up with one of the quotations Alane posted:

"61% of all respondents learn about electronic information sources from friends."
[page 1-19 Perceptions report]

FRIENDS! Friends as an authoritative source for all knowledge? I never would have pegged myself as relying on friends instead of *real* sources. But then again, I started to think about my own information-seeking habits.

In fact, I do rely on friends for most things. Heck, I ask my friends questions on
* medical advice [starve a fever, feed a cold?]
* home decorating [do you know how hard it is to make your own insulated drapes?]
* technology [how can I transfer MY iTunes downloads to YOUR computer?]
* entertainment [is that movie worth seeing? Yes for Walk the Line.]
* DIY [how exactly do I seal the ductwork that is within the walls?]
* and especially matters-of-the-heart/relationship questions [no comment]...

It dawns on me--these are all the types of questions that I have turned to my local public library for, for answers. But yes, it's usually only after I have nosed around with family/friends for initial opinions!

The Librarian was ranked lowest, at 8%, as a source of info about electronic resources. Ouch!


George said...

Happy belated birthday, Alice!

Alice said...

Thanks George. We had not justone but TWO birthday cakes this year!
1. The traditional carrot.
2. A ricotta cheescake from the Silver Spoon cookbook that we received as an awesome Christmas gift.

Now, on January 4, I am wondering how many more miles I get to run for having both!

Eric said...

I ditto those birthday greetings.