Wednesday, April 26, 2006

BBC 2.0

Alice is right....we're all scurrying around hither and yon ("hither" is here around OCLC, and "yon" is the big old world). I have to get myself to the airport in a bit...leaving myself far more time than certain people. But I wanted to draw your attention to the "blueprint" for the future that the venerable "Beeb", revealed yesterday with its Creative Future plan.

Very Web 2.0ish. Highly relevant to libraries as many of the challenges of publically funded radio are the same as they are for libraries, and that the proposed changes would fit well in our world too.

-take entertainment seriously
-enable people to record and share their memories
-create a teen brand
-have more personalisation, user-generated content and richer AV in the website
-be better at engaging audiences and reflecting their lives better
-develop better tools to help people find content

The Director-General Mark Thompson says this: "The second wave of digital will be far more disruptive that the first and the foundations of traditional media will be swept away, taking us beyond broadcasting...On-demand changes everything. It means we need to rethink the way we conceive, commission, produce, package and distribute our content. This isn't about new services it's about doing what we already do differently...We should aim to deliver public service content to our audiences in whatever media and on whatever device makes sense for them, whether they are at home or on the move."

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