Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chunka chunka chunka

That's the sound of massive monolithic application systems getting divided into smaller Web services.

There was an interesting presentation by the people in charge (scroll all the way down) of product architecture and global solutions group today. It seems like someone has turned up the heat in the kitchen, because we've got stuff cooking all over the place these days. That's great to hear for libraries, of course, and it seems to all be made possible by chunking bits and pieces of user needs into flexible, reusable, mash-up-able units. That's all cool, of course.

What was so refreshing to hear in the talk--was a sense of the possible. The presenter stressed that in today's environment, we need to be willing to make mistakes and use them. That there are multiple paths to the correct answer(s). I am excited to hear that sort of language coming through and look forward to it continuing to seep in...

Related note on the chunka chunka sound. Mark Hurst has a nice post about technology going bit-sized in his blog that is all about improving customer experiences.

I challenge us all to embrace the chunka chunka sound with enthusiasm, energy and a sense of the possible. I tell you, it's infectious!

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