Thursday, April 13, 2006

Colouring the World

Andy Havens, marketing maven here at the Mothership passed along the url to a colour finder for photos, called colr pickr. Krazydad made the tool that collects flikr photos that are part of a pool called Color Fields. It's a very interesting wordless way to search for colours using a spectrum to "name" the colour. Notice the sliding bar on the left to change the hue of the colour.

Very distracting. Also very interesting. Indexing pictures is hard and this would be one cool way to allow people to search for images. "I need a picture of a dandelion." Dandelions are really yellow so going to the "very yellow" part of the spectrum would be one way to scope such a search.

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Ivan Chew said...

It's an excellent visualisation aid. I can already think of some use from an illustrator's point of view. Thanks for highlighting this.