Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Blogs R Us

This is probably the depths of self-congratulatory linking ("blogrolling in our time"), but Jenny Levine wrote a most kind and detailed post at The Shifted Librarian about the OCLC bloggers and what impact, in her opinion, blogging has for OCLC. We're going to make sure all OCLC staff are encouraged to read it--not because it says nice things about George, Alice, me, Thom and Lorcan--but because here's a knowledgable person commenting on projects that many, many OCLC staff have worked on and supported in various ways. So, everyone deserves the credit.

And remember, if you're a library blogger and are able to attend, It's All Good is hosting a Blogger's Salon at ALA. George, Alice and I will be there; Thom Hickey is going to try and be there; and Cathy De Rosa and Jay Jordan will stop by as well. Lorcan is unfortunately not attending ALA...welll, he doesn't think it's so unfortunate! We do.

Sunday, June 26, 5:30-7pm. Hyatt McCormick Hotel (adjacent to the convention center). OCLC Blue Suite number will be posted here as soon as we know the room number. Or you can ask at the OCLC booth, 2201, Hall A1, just inside the main entrance to the hall.

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lislemck said...

Really looking forward to Sunday night. I just invited a newbie, Michal Strutin, who will be blogging for NMRT...ok? In other words, do you have enough pretzels? I, for one, will probably be too excited to eat. Plus, I really want to know about the mystery "other" pilot!