Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Very Quirky

The Lonely Wombat , Elizabeth, is a knitting library paraprofessional. And she has been making knitted critters with a library theme for a display.

Here's OCLC. And MARC. And Furber.

I really like how "OCLC" has rays just like our WorldCat logo has.

(Amended based on Elizabeth's comment...and Elizabeth? Library paraprofessionals are not "lowly" in my mind at all!! Some of the library assistants I've worked with were as professional and competent as the degreed librarians--just minus the degree.)


Elizabeth said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and linking to me! I'm not a full-fledged librarian, but a mere paraprofessional. I am enjoying making my critters and hope to have more for my exhibit soon.

Samantha said...

Thanks, Alane, for your support of library assistants. As someone who worked as a library assistant for many years before becoming a professional degreed librarian, I know that library assistants are a valuable asset to any library organization. When I was a library assistant, I appreciated being treated as a colleague by librarians, and I respected and learned a lot from the librarians with whom I worked.