Saturday, June 25, 2005

OCLC Blue Suite

For all of you attending the Blogger Salon tomorrow, at ALA, the number of the suite is 2833 at the Hyatt McCormack Place. Hope that high number means we have a room with a view.

We had a bit of a blogger gathering yesterday at the WebJunction Reception. Rochelle, Karen, and Walt attended as did Alice, George and I. Proto-blogger Roy Tennant was there too...come to think of it, perhaps Roy can be called a blogger now he's blogging at the LITA blog.

If you missed this soiree, the other WJ ALA events are here.

And thanks to Beth Gallaway who once again (she did at ALA Midwinter too)has done a write up on second half the OCLC Symposium yesterday, posted on the PLA blog.

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jessamyn said...

That's going to be a kickass room!

2833 means the 28th floor which means you take the back wall of elevators up. There technically is no 28th floor, you're on the second terrace level so press the button that says T2 [think "Terminator 2" if you go to T1 you wind up at Michael Gorman's suite] and you'll know where to go once you get there.