Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Better Late than Never? Or, sorry, Chrystie...

I should have welcomed Chrystie Hill to the blog last week. Somehow, it didn't happen and Alice picked up the ball. But I do want to add my two cents.

Chrystie was one of the first people hired to work on WebJunction, and she helped create the wonderful sense of community that permeates the site. She's funny, irreverent, smart, and she wears the coolest glasses you'll ever see. As a relatively new member of the library profession, her outlook is "can do" rather than "been there, done that," and this attitude shines through everything she does.

She's a wonderful writer, with articles published in Library Journal, American Libraries, Computers in Libraries, First Monday, and Public Libraries. (For links, go to her personal site.) She also contributes regularly to WebJunction's BlogJunction.

Chrystie is passionate about libraries, community, and technology, but most of all, people. She pursues what she does with focused intensity while maintaining a sense of balance and proportion. And over a couple of beers after a WebJunction Advisory Council meeting, she can passionately debate the nature of reality. And win.

Welcome, Chrystie, and thanks for being part of the "It's All Good" team!

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Chrystie said...

Aw. Thanks George. You're nice. I appreciate this all.