Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Four-day week?

Can you hack it? I'm not sure if I could. But Ryan Carson over at A List Apart takes it on and reports a great experience.

Think your Director will mind if you inform the children queued up for storytime this Friday that you are movig to a four-day work week? :)

Because of course, if we *could* get corporate America to move to a four day work week (slanted but interesting viewpoint here) (maybe it could be like Daylight Savings Time or something?), then all the service places--like libraries--would still need to be open.

Because everyone who is enjoying their Friday off, will need something to do besides lay around the house. (Although the Beeb reports, it may be good for you to lay around the house...)

Sometimes I think for a lot of people, being at work is easier than being at leisure. Spending money seems to be the easiest leisure activity, sometimes!

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Laura said...

The school here (which I work in but not for) has a 4-day school week. The library is still open on Fridays, though.