Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Presenting--and Eating--in Madison, WI

Tomorrow I will be in Madison to speak to the attendees of the WILS (Wisconsin Library Services) Spring Peer Council Meeting about the Perceptions report, making this the eighth presentation on the topic in two months. What will set this visit apart from others has nothing to do with the formal parts of the day (well, at least as far as I can tell in advance....for all I know, George Clooney could be in the audience).

It's food, glorious food.

Deb Shapiro teaches at the library school at UW Madison and I've known her for several years now. She has been involved with LITA for years and was recently elected to LITA's Board of Directors. You can read a summary of her professional experience here by clicking on her picture. What you don't know from that summary is that Deb is a cook--a real one. Before she became a librarian, she was a professional foodie, working in restaurants and cooking in a co-op dorm. She has a blog called "Deb's Lunch...and dinner and breakfast too" that will make you hungry reading it.

And I will be fed tomorrow evening by Deb--extremely well, according to the menu she's posted here and here. When I travel, I often dine at a restaurant with the hosts which is always pleasant. But this dinner will be a real treat...for the food, and for the company. And thanks to Debbie Cardinal of WILS for organizing and hosting the event.

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pkchrist said...

Welcome to Wisconsin. Looking forward to hearing your discussion at Peer Council tomorrow. Dinner with Deb sounds like a real treat.