Thursday, May 25, 2006


Thanks to Peter (by way of Lorcan), I present another nation's cool program for drawing attention to libraries. This time it's from the Canadians, and the site is called Info*Nation.
A very cool site, geared for millenials that shows some youth-culture things about living and working in the information industry. Like text messaging, getting tattoos, listening to music--you know, all the things you wanted to do (or did) when you decided to join the cool kids here in libraryland.
(What? You didn't do those things? Hurry up! Get going!)

They chose Info*Nation as their project name because "it sounds better than"

Which of course cracks me up to no end. These people are not afraid to mix humor in their professional lives. Or admit that smart people surround them, that could enhance the profession in innumerable ways--and they don't necessarily have to hold a library degree to do it.
Rock on.


George said...

If it's all the same to you, Alice, I'm going to pass on the tattoo. But I did have a text in mind if I ever did decide to get one: "BORN TO BE MILD!"

Alice said...

Come on, George! Where's the spirit of adventure?
And I wanted to make it very clear: speaking about Info*Nation as "another nation's cool program" was meant as a follow-on from yesterday's Love Libraries campaign post.

OCLC is like librarians without borders, right? Global citizenship perspective.

Okay, so maybe IFLA is more like Librarians without borders. Still...can I get a diplomatic passport?