Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lucky Me Too

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In the morning I'm headed out for a ten day trip to Estonia where my sister is studying jewelry design on her Fulbright scholarship. Yes, she is fancy! I am hoping to visit libraries, museums, galleries, and shopping districts during my time there, but mostly want to spend time simply relaxing, reading, and wandering the streets of Eastern Europe for my first time.

[overstatement] The entire country of Estonia is apparently a wireless hotspot [/overstatement] and so I do plan to take my computer with me - we'll see if I actually turn it on. If not, see you all in a coupla weeks!!

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Eric said...

You'll like Estonia. I've only visited Tallinn, and that very briefly, but found the people friendly, and the sights beautiful. (BTW, you'll be a few hours fast ferry ride from Helsinki if you want to take in a bit of Finland too). Enjoy!