Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Home Again (briefly)

It's been nearly four weeks since I signed off "It's All Good." I didn't intend for it to be that long, but a vacation, a Board meeting, a couple of speeches, and a cold I just couldn't shake, I didn't get back to the old soap box as quickly as I hoped I would.

One question: how can you go on vacation for 10 days and end up six weeks behind in your work?

Tomorrow, I'm going to be talking on WebJunction to the OHIONET Annual Users Meeting, and on Friday, I'll be talking at the OCLC Reference Services Advisory Committee meeting here in Dublin.

Next week, I'll be talking at the Ohio Library Council's Technical Services Retreat, and on Wednesday, it's off to Colorado for the 37th Annual Interlibrary Loan Conference.


Anonymous said...

Good grief! For grief, it will kissed the blarney stone! As if you could get blarnier... :)

George said...

I also carried coal to Newcastle, and sold ice to Inuits...