Monday, April 17, 2006

Self-service, except when I'm lazy

I have a confession:
I just used the bank teller.

Now sit back down, I didn't actually go INTO the bank. I used the drive-up window. And I should caveat: normally I do everything--absolutely everything--by Web, mail and phone with banking. I am totally happy with self-service and never want to go back.

So today as I was out returning books (on time for once!), I passed the bank parking lot. I remembered I had a check in my bag, still waiting to be deposited. I pulled in, on a whim and the teller line was empty. So I went for it.

True confessions time: I felt completely spoiled. I didn't have to fill anything out, remember any pin numbers, lick anything...I just handed over my card and the teller did the rest.

So in the midst of our push to self-service, remember to build in a few indulgent moments now and then. Your customers will be charmed. (Or at least, I was...)

Anyone else have this experience?


Anonymous said...

I am a walk-in bank user when it comes to deposits. Always. I now drive farther to go to the branch that's a bit bigger and has nicer tellers. So yup, absolutely! -- Lil' FRL

Michael Sauers said...

Yeah, I hate having to remember all those Personal Identification Number numbers... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I assume you don't go to a bank that charges you a teller fee.

Anonymous said...

Where I live now, there is no ATM at the bank, just one at the gas station that charges fees. So I stop in at the bank when I walk down to get the mail. Yup, you have to get your mail from the post office, too. And I still pay my bills with checks. I'm so old skool.

Peter Bromberg said...

Hi Alice,

I'm also a die-hard self-service consumer (who, not 30 minutes ago, was being checked out by an actual human at the grocery store--hey, there was an open line.)

Regarding our "push to self-service", I'm not aware of anyone advocating replacing human contact in libraries with self-service. The "push" is to provide self-service as an option. Let's give our customers choices so they can take more control over their own library experience. Most of the time I, and many others, want to do for ourselves, and many libraries still don't offer me a decent option to do so.

-Pete "I-wish-I-could-pump-my-own gas-like-I could-in-Washington-but New-Jersey-won't-let-me" Bromberg

Janie L. Hermann said...

I am generally a self-service type, especially when it comes to banking and groceries ... but I have to disagree with Pete.

Having my gas pumped for me is one of my favorite things about living in NJ (especially when it is raining or cold). I always pumped my own gas when I lived in Canada to avoid the higher priced gas that came with getting it pumped for you. I hope we never have to pump our own gas in NJ!