Wednesday, March 15, 2006

CIL, PLA blogging

We're preparing for two upcoming conferences here at IAG: CIL and PLA.

If you remember from last year, Ginny Browne was our guest blogger from the conference. It turns out, she plans to attend again and has graciously agreed to post again this year. We look forward to her insights and photos; welcome aboard Ginny!

OCLC and OCLC CAPCON events promise to be fun. I do believe Alane might be there as well, doing a presentation on the Perceptions report? So we'll have multiple perspectives from D.C., coming up.

Further north, George and I will be carousing with lots of public librarians in Boston for PLA. I hope to see lots of you at events, the booth (#3101) and WebJunction reception.
Side note: We had toyed with the idea of having a very unofficial official "Blogger Meet-up" at a local watering hole one night...and then schedules got very, very complicated. So I'm inviting you instead, to breakfast on Friday at the Colonnade hotel, Huntington Ballroom at 7:30 AM. We do ask you to register, so we'll have enough muffins and pastries for everyone.

Readers, bloggers, friends: see you soon!

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