Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Google Selling Online Books

Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineWatch.com has a write-up of this recently announced extension of Google's Book Search service. A semantic curiosity: everything I read about this used the term "online books", not "e-books". I wonder why?


Dorothea said...

I suspect the term "e-book" has been tainted by the hype flurry of the early 2000s. People tend to associate it with the gizmos like the RocketBook and SoftBook, not so much the content.

walt said...

I wonder if there's also the reality: What Google's planning to do lacks the "convenience factor" of ebooks, since you can't download the text and read it on a portable device, or print those pages you want to study more closely. These really are "online books"--usable only online.

Andy Havens said...

Semantic curiosity? Let's see...

Where can you read an "e-book?" Well... online, sure. Same as an "online book." But you can also read an e-book on your mobile phone, your palm device, your iPod, etc.

What can you NOT do on those e-devices that you CAN do online that Google does?

Host advertising.

When I download an e-book onto my palm, phone, or iPod, I've taken myself out of the AdWords loop. If it's an "online book," every time I go to read it, there's an advertising oppo.

Not semantic at all. No, no, no, no, no... I think not.