Thursday, March 23, 2006

PLA Update

Ginny is a blogging machine, isn't she? I almost feel like I'm there in DC with her. Way to go!

I'm in Boston at PLA. Yesterday, I said a few words at the closing of a preconference on programming in public libraries, sponsored by the Public Programs Office at ALA. (You can make a gift to the Cultural Communities Fund here.)

Afterwards, I saw some amazing things in the exhibit hall. There are some real advances being made in materials handling, in handling audio materials, and even some cool new furniture. Since this isn't a space for advertising, I won't link to those companies, but the point is there is palpable excitement at the conference about the future of libraries. The librarians here (and Boston seems positively overrun!) are full of excitement about new ways to offer service.

This afternoon I met with some public librarians about using our collaborative experience to improve the acquisition of non-English materials. The ideas flew fast and furious, and there may be more to come on this one soon.

Next, it's on to the WebJunction reception and the LJ reception to honor outstanding small public libraries. Tomorrow, the OCLC Update breakfast, a WebJunction program on e-learning, and several hours at the exhibit booth. If you're here in Boston reading this, make sure to stop by! (That link is for Jay, by the way.)

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Anonymous said...

This had me singing in a Jacksonesque falsetto: "Blogging, blogging, blogging, she's a blogging machine!"