Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Computers In Libraries

Well, I got here after a wonderful day Monday visiting with friends in Maryland. Instead of flying, my husband and I drove for the visit, then came here to the hotel Monday evening and he drove back home early this morning. I will fly back to Columbus on Friday evening when this is all over.

The hustle is amazing - - yesterday the hotel seemed nearly deserted even though I knew people were getting ready for the meetings. (I was going to say maybe that was because it was Sunday - but it wasn't - it just felt like Sunday to me!) Anyway, the place is full of Librarians and computer folk today. The bar is crowded with folk listening to the marvelous piano playing, working on their laptops as I am - the wireless reception is better here than most other places, and talking in various groups.

One group of us, after a long day of learning to be more competent web masters or to do better searching, or a number of other workshops, went to Bombay Palace for dinner and to discuss training - - it was a fun time, and will appear on at least one other blog in more detail - one person was taking actual notes about our conversation. Interesting talk going around the table comparing notes - we found that the issues and the joys are the same no matter what setting we work in - academic, public, school, special - we all face the same difficulties and use the same "tricks of the trade" - though I did learn a few new ones!

Tomorrow the conference starts in earnest - - and so good night!!

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